Rev. Tade Agbesanwa

Tade is a fully accredited Baptist minister with the Baptist Union of Great Britain. He is passionate about issues of social justice and the alleviation of poverty. He is especially concerned about the growing persecution of Christians worldwide through acts of discrimination and more aggressive actions which have led to the loss of lives and property. He believes that this kind of persecution can be resolved through improved interfaith dialogue and the engagement of people of peace in solving what are sometimes seemingly intractable religious and tribal differences.

Shola Ajose

shskyj“Shola Ajose is one of the founding members and promoters of LoveJustice (formally known as LoveJos). Shola is currently a finance consultant with a leading education support company, managing and supporting business managers of both primary and secondary schools across the UK.
While positively engaged with the LoveJustice Team in supporting victims of faith persecution, he is also very pationate about advancing peaceful coexistence of faith groups in Northern and indeed all of Nigeria.
Shola also acts as treasurer/financial secretary for the Team.”

Kemi Ajose


‘Kemi Ajose is a woman of faith. She believes that with God and prayers, all things are possible! ‘Kemi, as a founding member of LoveJustice, is currently a higher education lecturer in IT and has also been involved in Sunday School ministry since 1980, She was also a trustee and volunteering treasurer for the ‘Street Pastors’ charity in Newham. Kemi is a serving deacon of her church and is married with children.

Laolu Akinsulire

Nike Akinsulire

Alan Craig


Alan Craig: Founder member of LoveJos (now LoveJustice) and praying/visiting supporter of oppressed Christian minority across northern Nigeria. Married to Sally with two stepsons and two daughters, he engages best at the interface between Christianity and politics, and is currently political adviser to two members of the House of Lords. He enjoys blogging, campaigning and speaking.
Twitter: @aalancraig

Norma Irhuebor


A nurse and a freelance writer who is passionate about raising awareness on issues of injustice and religious persecution. Having been exposed to the plight of Christians who suffer for their faith, she took up writing about the struggle Christians go through for their faith. Some of her past work includes co-presenting Five Alive, a live news-based programme on revelation TV and blogging about religious persecution.


Fred Williams


Fred Williams is a peace activist and film Producer who has experienced the impact of the crisis first-hand having lived in Jos-North, Plateau State Nigeria since 1985.

He has visually documented the growth of the trend and worked closely with a wide range of stake-holders within the religious, governmental and socioeconomic strata.

He has been active in proffering solutions on a global scale, raising support for victims and fostering bridge building initiatives within the affected communities.


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