There are many invaluable ways of supporting the work of LoveJustice:

1. Pray

Prayer works, prayer holds the evil one at bay. It strengthens the hearts of the persecuted and it softens the hearts of the persecutor. At LoveJustice we have seen many answers to the prayers of the saints. So before anything else please remember to pray for Christians being persecuted in Northern and Central Nigeria and pray for the LoveJustice team too … that God will provide the resources we need, that He will grant us wisdom and keep us safe.

2. Participate

Please support what we do by attending our events – carol service, conferences, workshops and so on. We do a lot of things throughout the year as our capacity allows. Your mere presence makes a huge difference. It will enourage the hearts of so many here and in Nigeria.
To keep abreast of what we are doing please subscribe to our newsletter using the form to the right of this page. Or you may have to scroll down if you’re using a mobile device.

3. Promote

Let others know about our work and the organisations we promote in Northern and Central Nigeria. Sadly not many international organisations want to go to Nigeria anymore for various reasons.
Also if you are a church leader please invite us to your church to make a presentation on the situation in Northern and Central Nigeria. We can do this at a Sunday service, midweek Bible study, Home Group or any other gathering.

4. Give generously

100% of what we collect is passed on to beneficiaries in IDP (Internally Displaced People) camps, orphanages or hospitals treating trauma wounds and burn injuries resulting from hateful persecution. Our administrative costs are met from donations by members of the LoveJustice team.

If wish to give to LoveJustice please use the PayPal button below; you have our guarantee that the money will be used judiciously. And if you have specified a particular use this will be honoured.


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